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Simple Custom Reports & Charts for Jira

Instantly create powerful, easy-to-use custom reports & gadgets for kanban, scrum or any other teams with minimal configuration.


Status & Progress Report Gadget for Jira

Gain visibility into your project status & progress in a dashboard gadget. Sum up story points by the user, sprint, epic or JQL filter.


Individual Velocity Report/Chart Gadget

Get better insight into your team velocity; create individual user/average sprint reports for kanban or scrum boards in a dashboard.


Advanced Burndown Chart Gadget for Jira

Create a burndown/burnup chart for story points/issue count in a dashboard gadget. Build epic, version/release or JQL filter charts.


Time Tracking & Estimation Gadget

Get better at time estimation - compare time spent, remaining estimate & original estimate. View progress in a dashboard gadget.


Simple Timesheet & Worklog Gadget

Gain visibility into your time-tracking data with a dashboard gadget. View timesheets with hours logged by users, projects and etc.


Push/Desktop Notifications for Jira

Get browser push notifications on Jira Cloud issue updates or comment mention events.


Affinity/Relative Estimation for Jira

Quickly estimate a large number of user stories in story points. Save time and produce estimates using relative comparison.


Velocity Sprint Planning & Tracking for Jira

Plan sprints based on your team's previous velocities. Account for team member absences with individual velocity.


Google & iCal Calendar Dashboard Gadget for Jira

Integrate Google Calendar or iCalendar file events in your Jira Cloud dashboard.


Simple Reports & Charts Lite for Jira

Generate reports and charts in just a couple of clicks, no need for lengthy configuration.

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