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Simple Reports app icon

Simple Custom Reports & Charts for Jira

Instantly create powerful, easy-to-use custom reports & gadgets for kanban, scrum or any other teams with minimal configuration.

Status & Progress app icon

Status & Progress Report Gadget for Jira

Gain visibility into your project status & progress in a dashboard gadget. Sum up story points by the user, sprint, epic or JQL filter.

Individual Velocity app icon

Individual Velocity Report/Chart Gadget

Get better insight into your team velocity; create individual user/average sprint reports for kanban or scrum boards in a dashboard.

Advanced Burndown app icon

Advanced Burndown Chart Gadget for Jira

Create a burndown/burnup chart for story points/issue count in a dashboard gadget. Build epic, version/release or JQL filter charts.

Time Tracking app icon

Time Tracking & Estimation Gadget

Get better at time estimation - compare time spent, remaining estimate & original estimate. View progress in a dashboard gadget.

Timesheets app icon

Simple Timesheet & Worklog Gadget

Gain visibility into your time-tracking data with a dashboard gadget. View timesheets with hours logged by users, projects and etc.

Time in Status app icon

Time in Status Report Gadget for Jira

Effortlessly track the time in status of your Jira issues with an easy-to-use dashboard gadget.

Push app icon

Push/Desktop Notifications for Jira

Get browser push notifications on Jira Cloud issue updates or comment mention events.

Sprint Planning app icon

Velocity Sprint Planning & Tracking for Jira

Plan sprints based on your team's previous velocities. Account for team member absences with individual velocity.

Estimation app icon

Affinity/Relative Estimation for Jira

Quickly estimate a large number of user stories in story points. Save time and produce estimates using relative comparison.

Google Calendar app icon

Google & iCal Calendar Dashboard Gadget for Jira

Integrate Google Calendar or iCalendar file events in your Jira Cloud dashboard.

Simple Reports Lite app icon

Simple Reports & Charts Lite for Jira

Generate reports and charts in just a couple of clicks, no need for lengthy configuration.

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