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Push/Desktop Notifications for Jira

Stay on top of important updates and mentions related to your Jira Cloud issues with convenient browser push notifications. Receive notifications in real-time whenever there is a change to an issue.

Push/Desktop Notifications for Jira

Push/Desktop Notifications for Jira is a must-have app for Jira users who want to stay on top of their tasks and never miss an important update. With this app, you can receive browser push notifications for changes made to Jira Cloud issues that you are assigned to or that mention you in a comment.

This app provides an efficient and convenient way of keeping track of your work, allowing you to focus on other tasks while staying informed about the latest updates to your issues. You will receive notifications in real-time, so you can quickly respond to any changes made to your Jira Cloud issues.

With this app, you won't have to constantly check Jira Cloud for updates. You can instead rely on push notifications to alert you of any changes to your issues. This app is perfect for Jira users who are constantly on the go, or who need to be informed of updates even when they are away from their computers.

Get Push/Desktop Notifications for Jira now and start getting real-time updates on the go!

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