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Affinity/Relative Estimation for Jira

Efficiently estimate a large number of user stories with ease using story points. By using relative comparison, you can save time and produce accurate estimates in a quick and simple manner.

Affinity/Relative Estimation for Jira

The Affinity/Relative Estimation for Jira app offers a unique approach to estimation that is simple and efficient. Instead of using absolute measurements, the app uses relative measurements, comparing user stories to each other to estimate their size. This approach eliminates the need for complex calculations and ensures that all estimates are accurate and consistent.

With its drag and drop interface, the app makes it easy for users to quickly estimate stories based on size. This saves time compared to traditional estimation methods, which can be time-consuming and tedious.

The app also promotes the use of relative sizing, which ensures that all estimates are consistent and accurate. This is because it is impossible to fall back to absolute estimations when comparing stories to each other.

In summary, the Affinity/Relative Estimation for Jira app is an effective and efficient solution for agile teams looking to streamline their estimation process. With its intuitive interface and focus on relative sizing, it offers a quick and easy way to estimate user stories, saving time and promoting consistency.

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