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Time Tracking & Estimation Gadget

Improve your team's time estimation skills by comparing time spent, remaining estimate, and original estimate. This allows you to see where time is being allocated and make adjustments to improve accuracy in future estimations.

Time Tracking & Estimation Gadget

The Time Tracking & Estimation Report Dashboard Gadget for Jira is a powerful tool for managing and monitoring project progress. The gadget provides a clear visual representation of time spent, hours remaining, original estimate, and estimate error.

With the ability to view time tracking data by assignee, project, sprint, epic, or custom fields, teams can gain a better understanding of which parts of the project are lagging and take appropriate action.

The gadget's JQL filter feature allows for flexible time tracking reporting based on any Jira field, including custom fields. This makes it suitable for all types of teams, regardless of their work methodology.

With the option to compare estimated time with actual time spent, view time logged per user, and monitor time tracking progress by the assignee, teams can stay on top of project progress and ensure that deadlines are met.

Some of the use cases of the Time Tracking & Estimation Report Dashboard Gadget for Jira include displaying project or epic time tracking data, viewing time logged per user, tracking progress by the assignee, and time reporting on multiple boards or projects.

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